Benedignoscite, benecuratur  
(Right diagnosing makes right treatment)

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Welcome to our web-page Denta Plus
Everybody knows that the health of the person depends largely on the health of his\her teeth that is on stomatologic health. Moreover beautiful faultless teeth are linked inseparably with such concepts as appeal, charm, irresistibility, sexuality and other categories defining human beauty. For businessmen, and also for people connected with constant dialogue with people, beauty of their teeth often becomes a guarantee of success.
Dentistry clinic "Denta" has been working in Zhytomyr region during 16 years. Now it is presented by two divisions: Denta LTD (founded in 1993) and Denta Plus (founded in 2001).
At the national business rating for 2007, based exclusively on the data of the state committee of statistics, our clinic was awarded a medal and the diploma of the winner with "the Leader of the branch" rank. The dentist\orthopedist of the highest category Nikolajchuk Alexander Trofimovich, one of the experts of the clinic, was awarded with an order "For high professionalism". Besides, stomatologic clinic "Denta" became the winner of the regional action "the National brand 2007".

Our clinic is well-equipped. In order to reach the highest results our physicians apply the well-known brands equipment: Coltene, 3M, Degussa, Morita, Progeny For carrying out of reliable sterilisation and prevention of cases of the infection transmission, also for the realisation and the sterility control in our clinic are used modern materials and the equipment of worldknown manufacturers such as TS Tau Steril (Italy), Bode Chemie (Germany), Dental X (Italy) Dorvet LTD. (Israel), Likva-Tech Industries, Ink. (USA).
Our addresses:
Kyiv Street, building 73
Tel: (0412)41-40-43
Fax: (0412)41-47-12
Velyka Berdychivska Street,
building 7
Tel: (0412)22-94-20
Teatralna Street, building 4
Tel: (0412)22-48-76


the Licence of Ukrainian Health Ministry AB 431192 from 30.09.2008